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Coming from St. Paul, MN, Alexander Natalie is a project based around Noah Alexander Topliff’s songwriting and expanded on and made whole by close friends: Alex Gray, Samuel Ketcham, Michael McGough, Sophie Warrick, and Wilson Zellar. Largely focused on themes of depression and loss the project seeks to bring a light in sharing their pains.



[on How Much Could You Ask of Me?] “It is a deeply personal record. As it deals with feelings of isolation, depression, and the fact that everyone you know is going to die at some point.”

—Joe Keyport for the Earcoffee Podcast.

[on the track “Takes One to Know One.”] ‘Alt-folk/country project of ALEXANDER NATALIE is a deep flight into mental hailstorms of love, betrayal, and ultimate emotional gain in knowledge. ‘Takes One To Know One’ is about Alexander’s brother, and the notion of ‘falling apart’. The project springs out of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis–Saint Paul Metro) and it methodically glides into the hearts of us, with gainful use of the fiddle, and ample injection of very prominent lyrical works. The calm and strident attitude of the single is a mark of maturity and acceptance to the subject. The steps to a long journey seems inevitable, but there has been much lesson-learning along the way. And Alexander is fabulous in describing in this single. The lyrics of ‘Takes One To Know One’ might be of his brother, but there’s always a part of Alexander that’s deeply embedded and accustomed. That’s why it works. Get captive with Alexander’s music.’


[on the live show] “Right away Alexander struck me by his country/folk style. It reminded me of the Minnesota legend, Charlie Parr, with how his head hung low as he listened to the hum of his nylon string acoustic and painted pictures with his lyrics. The band itself hasn’t been around for very long, and it shows everything right with the music coming out of the Twin Cities.”

—Joe Keyport for the Earcoffee Podcast.







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